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18 Best Reusable Chopsticks of 2023


The best reusable chopsticks are the ones that are easy to wash, lightweight to carry, affordable and beautiful in design. We compiled this of the 18 best reusable chopsticks to give you even more reason to switch from single use plastic or disposable chopsticks to new and improved reusable chopsticks for your kitchen and mealtimes. From bamboo to porcelain and in various colors and patterns, we’ll cover all types of reusable chopsticks for your consideration and hope that you’ll find a new set of chopsticks to add to your tableware that is reusable and eco-friendly. In this post, we’ll share 18 best reusable chopsticks and why we like them.


Why are Reusable Chopsticks Important?

Reusable chopsticks are a popular eating utensil and highly sought after by those looking to add tableware that is easy to use, wash, and are long lasting. Reusable chopsticks are eco-friendly because they can be used many times, unlike their disposable counterparts. Not only that, but reusable chopsticks are also extremely lightweight and easy to take when traveling. Reusable chopsticks are also easy to wash and can be quite a beautiful addition to your kitchen tableware.

Reducing the amount of disposable chopsticks and single use plastic can reduce our carbon footprint on the world. Switching to reusable chopsticks takes minimal effort and, with this guide, minimal time. This New York Times article gives 9 ways to cut down on plastic, one of them being packing a travel kit like bamboo cutlery to eliminate the need for single-use plastics when on-the-go. We’ve compiled a list of the 18 best reusable chopsticks for you here to make the research even easier.

Top 3 Reusable Chopsticks Comparison Table

# Brand Rating Comments

[Overall Favorite] Natural Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks

reusable bamboo chopsticks

Check Price


4.8 / 5

  • Natural Bamboo
  • Reusable bamboo and eco-friendly
  • Affordable at 10 pairs for $14.99
  • Long-lasting and lightweight design
  • Get 10% off with code THANKYOU

Chopstick Set with Holders

pottery barn chopsticks


4.2 / 5

  • Black design
  • Comes with ceramic rests

Soup Passion Chopsticks Set

macys premium chopsticks


4.1 / 5

  • Porcelain finish
  • Versatile casual and formal settings

18 Best Reusable Chopsticks

  1. Natural Bamboo Chopsticks (Set of 10)
reusable bamboo chopsticks

These natural bamboo chopsticks are our favorite for a number of reasons. They are reusable bamboo and made of beautiful Chinese wing wood. They also come in a set of 10 pairs for $14.99 which is extremely economical compared to the other chopsticks in this list. These bamboo chopsticks are natural without any lacquer coating, paint or wax which make them eco-friendly and great for any kitchen. These natural bamboo chopsticks are also perfect for cooking and dining with the family at dinnertime.


  • Natural bamboo design
  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Long-lasting and lightweight design
  • Affordable at 10 pairs for $14.99

Find Bamboo Chopsticks Set

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2. Pottery Barn has these sets of 4 reusable chopsticks that come with ceramic rests. In a sleek black modern design, these chopsticks are crafted of stoneware with a glaze finish. They’re also made of acacia wood and finished with a black color. The rests come in a clean, white ceramic finish and create a beautiful contrast to the black colored chopsticks.

pottery barn chopsticks3. Macy’s home goods are always a good bet when shopping for eating utensils. These Villeroy & Boch chopsticks sets are made of porcelain for a beautiful elegant style and come with a set of 2 chopsticks pairs. Because of its premium porcelain finish, it is dishwasher and microwave safe. These reusable chopsticks are also very durable, break resistant, non-porous and versatile for casual to formal dinner time setting

macys premium chopsticks

4. These fiberglass chopsticks from Walmart are FDA approved and made of premium fiberglass based material. They are decorated with metal inlay on one end and have a textured tip. These reusable chopsticks are inspired by Japanese minimalism design and are perfect for beginners or more advanced chopsticks users. They come in 5 pairs and are a staple for every kitchen.

walmart dark wood chopsticks5. Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks are a hit among campers and trip takers and can be found at REI or other sports stores. They come in a lightweight pouch for easy storage with elegant bamboo tips and stainless steel handles. The most unique features of these chopsticks are they are collapsible to a length of just 4.5 inches. Not only that, but these reusable bamboo chopsticks also unscrew at the center so that the wooden half can be hidden and stored inside the steel half. A great buy for those looking for a portable and lightweight camping eating utensil.

snowpeak rei camping chopsticks



6. Aerodynamic and ultra-modern chopsticks with rests from Crate and Barrel are great for a modern kitchen. These reusable shop chopsticks have a sculptural design with tapered handles designed in a matte black polymer. It is dishwasher safe and made in Portugal. From Europe, these reusable chopsticks are a tad pricier but are carefully hand-finished and come with a chopstick rest.

crate and barrel chopsticks7. Titanium chopsticks are camping and travel friendly and a big hit for those on the go. These reusable chopsticks come with an aluminum case for easy chopsticks storage and can be very handy. They’re also dishwasher safe, reusable and non-allergic and feature 100% food-grade safe titanium. About 60% lighter than stainless steel chopsticks, these titanium chopsticks are compact in its case and easy to carry. While a little pricier since this is only one pair, they may be worth it for these super strong pieces of titanium.
amazon titanium chopsticks8. This MoMA collection of rainbow chopsticks come in a set of 12 pairs and are sold at West Elm. While this may be a more artistic choice, these reusable are as functional and practical as they are art pieces. It comes in a lacquered wood finish for a glossy shine and must be hand washed to maintain its beautiful hues. They’re also made in Japan.
rainbow moma collection chopsticks9. We love a good stainless steel chopsticks set. Commonly used in Korean table settings, these reusable chopsticks are lightweight, easy to clean and comfortable to hold. The durable stainless steel is designed to be long lasting for years and are hand washing recommended though there should be no probably throwing them into the dishwasher. While its metal composition makes it lightweight, they are harder to operate. If you’re still a beginner with chopsticks, we recommend trying chopsticks made of wood or bamboo which have a bigger surface area and more friction for easy use.
williams sonoma chopsticks set

Here’s our ultimate guide to metal and stainless steel chopsticks. If you’re looking for an alternative, check out this contemporary gold and silver stainless steel chopsticks set


10. Carved mokuzai chopsticks from Anthrologie are simple and cute. It’s beautiful colors are timeless and sturdy. While these reusable chopsticks may be more slippery since they don’t have any coating, they can be purchased per pair in case you want a specific number of pairs per color. They are made of hand carved beech wood and resin and must be hand washed to maintain its style.

carved anthropologie wooden chopsticks11. Training chopsticks are great for kids or adults who want to pick up chopsticks as their go-to eating utensil for mealtimes. This 4-piece learning chopstick helper has adorable animals on each chopstick in bright colors like blue, yellow and pink and are great beginner tools for children. With the ergonomic design, these reusable chopsticks are easy to use, wash, and flexible. They’re great for children aged 3 to 8 years old and are an excellent gift for those wanting to learn the art of chopsticks holding. The animal toppers are also easy to remove and wash.

colorful kids training chopsticks with animals12. These Sidhild Organic Japanese Reusable Chopsticks come in a set of 5 beautiful and different colored chopsticks. These chopsticks from Wayfair are made of wood and have handles in 5 different colors: black, gold orange, red, and yellow. It’s Japanese-inspired design is simple yet elegant and has beautiful detailed carved and printed designs. The extra layer of lacquer coating creates a nice shine and helps with a better grip when in use.
japanese chopstick set wayfair13. For beginners, these training chopsticks are reusable and a great way to get introduced to the art of eating with chopsticks. These reusable chopsticks are sof, washable, and food-safe. They come in green or orange colors and are great helper chopsticks for right handed people. Because they’re reusable, you can get some great training out of these chopsticks.
korean training chopsticks amazon14. This personalized chopsticks 3 piece set from Bed Bath & Beyond takes customization for eating utensils to the next level. This set includes 2 chopsticks and 1 chopsticks holder and are engraved with one line of personalization on each chopstick. These are food-safe teak wood and have nickel-plated handles where the personalization is. These reusable chopsticks need to be hand washed to maintain their quality and make great gifts for family or friends.
personalized chopsticks in metallic15. Crate and Barrel has some beautiful and modern home goods. Many of them are serveware and tableware including these Tio Matte Black Chopsticks. While these sport a beautiful matte design, they must be hand washed and hand dried to preview discoloration and film build-up. These reusable chopsticks have a stainless steel finish over wood in a sleek design and colored in matte black. They’re also extremely lightweight because of the hollow center design and are exclusively available at CB2.
crate and barrel modern black chopsticks16. Sur La Table sells these bamboo chopsticks in a set of 5. The unique twist design creates an easy-to-grip design and is simple to hand wash and eat with. They advertise a hold that won’t slip from your grip. Made of bamboo, these reusable bamboo chopsticks have a natural finish that are perfect for every kitchen.
wooden chopsticks set sur la table17. These chopsticks from ZakkayaJapan are sold on Etsy and made from wood. These reusable chopsticks have a layer of coating called wajimanuri which is a lacquerware making technique, leaving a beautiful shiny coating. Because of this finish, these chopsticks last longer and are shipped out of Hong Kong. They come in a set of 5 pairs and are perfect for daily use.
handmade wooden chopsticks18. TiStix claims to the the original titanium chopsticks. While titanium chopsticks have been quite a trend recently, these reusable chopsticks feature aerospace-grade quality craftsmanship as well as solid metal created without any coatings or paint. These chopsticks add a sleek and modern, sophisticated finish to your chopsticks and are great to impress guests with at dinner parties. They’re also made in the U.S. in small batches!
metal premium titanium chopsticks

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Beautiful Chopsticks

Natural Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks

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Pottery Barn

Chopsticks Set with Holders

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Soup Passion Chopstick Set

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Goldage Fiberglass Chopsticks Set

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Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks

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Crate & Barrel

Aero Chopsticks with Rest

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Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminum Case

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West Elm

MoMA Collection Lacquered Chopsticks

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Williams & Sonoma

Stainless Steel Chopsticks

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Carved Mokuzai Chopsticks

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Plum Garden

Children’s Training Chopsticks

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Sidhild Organic Japanese Chopsticks

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Training/Helper Chopsticks

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Personalized Chopstick 3-Pc Set

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Tio Matte Black Chopsticks

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Sur La Table

Twisted Chopsticks Set

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5 Pairs of Chopsticks Set

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TiStix Tools

Titanium Chopsticks

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What’s Next?

Add a pair of beautiful reusable chopsticks to your kitchen to not only be eco-friendly but also have longer lasting tableware and serveware for every mealtime or when on-the-go. It’s a great conversation starter at the table and fun for the whole family to enjoy and learn! If you’re looking for reusable chopsticks that are more luxury or contemporary, check out these bestsellers.

Reusable Chopsticks FAQs

In case you’re not sold on reusable chopsticks just yet, we’re answering some of the most popular questions when it comes to these chopsticks.

Where to buy reusable chopsticks?

Reusable chopsticks are found in most home goods and online stores. We’ve listed a couple of brands who sell some of the 18 best reusable chopsticks above. Our favorite is Beautiful Chopsticks mostly because of its wide selection of reusable chopsticks that range from wooden to bamboo to stainless steel chopsticks. While shipping takes a bit longer, they source directly from artisan chopsticks makers around the world so your chopsticks will definitely be one of a kind.

Are bamboo chopsticks reusable?

Yes, bamboo chopsticks are reusable just like wooden chopsticks are reusable! To get the most out of them, hand wash for best results and longevity. Because bamboo chopsticks are made of wood, store them in dry and cool places. Bamboo chopsticks are very reusable and are a staple in many kitchens around the world.

What material is best for chopsticks?

The best material for chopsticks is wood or bamboo based material. This may vary depending on what you’re looking to use chopsticks for. Wood and bamboo reusable chopsticks are very popular in kitchens for cooking and dining due to their longevity and versatility. If you’re looking for more contemporary or modern chopsticks, porcelain or titanium chopsticks are popular as home and room decor.

How do you clean reusable chopsticks?

Depending on the material they’re made of, reusable chopsticks can be cleaned in a number of ways. For wood-based or bamboo chopsticks, avoid the dishwasher as the high heat water can really break down its material over a prolonged period. Reusable chopsticks made of wood should be cleaned by hand wash whenever possible. Most reusable stainless steel chopsticks are dishwasher safe, however, check to see if there is any coating or paint that may come off or corrode. When in doubt, hand washing is the best way to clean reusable chopsticks .

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