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5 Reasons to Buy Lightsaber Chopsticks

light saber chopsticks arrangement against dark background


Lightsaber chopsticks are colorful and bold eating utensils to include in your kitchen. When lightsabers became a cultural symbol in the ever-popular Star Wars movies, people were quick to produce these exciting chopsticks that light up to join this trend and create glow in the dark chopsticks. Lightsaber chopsticks quickly became popular among children, families, and–of course–Star Wars fans as the novelty item for their bright bold colors and surprise factor for eating meals like sushi, rice, or any other dish and gifting.

In this article, we’ll dig a little deeper into why lightsaber chopsticks are important, where they come from, and 5 reasons why you should have them in your kitchen.


Why are Lightsaber Chopsticks Important?


We can’t mention lightsaber chopsticks without mentioning where they come from: Star Wars. May the food be with you. Star Wars lightsabers are used to fight battles in melee combat and come in a variety of colors and formats. From short to adjustable lengths, these lightsabers also come dual-bladed or with built-in blaster pistols like Ezra Bridger's original lightsaber in Star Wars Rebels (the real fans know). 

Star War lightsabers inspire lightsaber chopsticks to be just as fierce and colorful. With its bold hues, lightsaber chopsticks light up and glow in the dark with the same veracity as Darth Vader. With its cultural impact, lightsabers show up in Disney Parks, games, parodies, and across all kinds of toys, home goods, and beyond. As Obi-wan in Star Wars articulated himself, the lightsaber has become one of the most recognizable icons from the saga as “the traditional weapon of legendary Jedi heroes.” 

Lightsaber chopsticks make every meal fun. Bringing the family together with meals that light up by eating utensils – wow who wouldn’t love that? Lightsaber chopsticks are especially great for kids and encouraging them to have fun at mealtime. Nothing more encouraging in eating vegetables than picking it up with a glow in the dark lightsaber chopstick. These utensils take dining to the next level and make broccoli even more fun to eat. Lightsaber chopsticks not only serve as great gifts for children, but they’re also just as exciting for adults and Star Wars fans.

Lightsaber chopsticks are portable, lightweight, and glow for an extra delight in the dark. With its convenient LEDs, lightsaber chopsticks can go anywhere with you. Outside of the family, they’re a great way to impress friends and be the life of the party. As unique products go, lightsaber chopsticks are truly one of a kind and are the only eating utensils that always makes for a fun dining experience.


5 Reasons You Need Lightsaber Chopsticks

  1. Bring fun to family dinners. 

Bring colorful lightsaber chopsticks to the dinner table as a fun and surprising way to delight family members, especially kids and Star Wars fans. We take quality mealtime with the family for granted and, with busy schedules, sitting around the dining table over a shared hot meal is at the core of every family. Not only do lightsaber chopsticks glow in the dark for perfect evening meals, but they also light up dinnertime as a conversation starter. Encourage fun mealtimes with Star Wars chopsticks that are perfect for picking up sushi, noodles, rice, or just about anything else. Lightsaber chopsticks are also great for mini food combats in between bites or right before clean up and serve as just one way to make dinnertime fun and easy. Change up the mealtime scenery with these bright and glowing eating utensils.

  1. Impress guests with chopsticks that light up.
blue lightsaber chopsticks

Take your guests on adventure galaxies away with lightsaber chopsticks that outshine all other eating utensils. Illuminate guests with chopsticks that perfect for a Star Wars-themed meal or party. With the push of a button, lightsaber chopsticks also make a fun date experience with fellow Star Wars fans or a blacklight evening with friends. You’ll definitely be the life of the party at every meal with these eating utensils.

  1. Carry with ease on family trips, excursions, and outings. 

Lightsaber chopsticks are lightweight, portable, and perfect when camping outdoors with the family or on a trip out of town. They are reusable and easy to wash so it’s great for the environment (no more disposable chopsticks!). Without a doubt, the best part of lightsaber chopsticks on outdoor trips is the LED battery. Let these chopsticks light up the night in all different colors from red, green, blue to orange, and wage war between siblings or other family members. With a simple click of a button, you can bring these Darth Vader chopsticks to the woods. 

  1. Eat sushi as a proper Star Wars fan!

beautiful sushi plate on marble table
Add lightsaber chopsticks to your collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Expand your collectibles of action figures and heroes to lightsaber chopsticks that glow and light up. Eat sushi, noodles, rice, and every other meal like a true Jedi and master the art of holding chopsticks. Unlike official Star Wars collectibles, these light up chopsticks are affordable and as cost-effective as $14 a pair. Get two to really engage in lightsaber combat with another fan. The LED light in these chopsticks mimics lightsabers perfectly and is truly a one-of-a-kind eating utensil to dine with. They’re also safe to eat with and are usually BPA-free.
  1. Gift as a perfect surprise to kids or lightsaber geeks

Show friends, family, peers, and colleagues you’re thinking of them with lightsaber chopsticks that light up their meals. These are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or just about any occasion and are a perfect surprise. These are the only eating utensils that shine with such fun and bright colors that people will unlikely to have seen such a sight. Experience chopsticks that light up in a variety of colors from a bright blue to bright orange and wow your loved ones with chopsticks they can use and enjoy every day.


To recap, the 5 reasons lightsaber chopsticks are a must-have:

  1. Bring fun to family dinners
  2. Impress guests with chopsticks that light up
  3. Carry with ease on family trips, excursions, and outings
  4. Eat sushi as a proper Star Wars fan!
  5. Gift as a perfect surprise to kids or lightsaber geeks


What all these reasons have in common is the enjoyment of spending time with friends, family, and loved ones through a fun and unique eating utensil: the lightsaber chopsticks. No matter who you’re trying to impress, you’ll be sure to receive a smile once you bring out these chopsticks that light up. They’re as fun as they are practical and can be used outside of Asian dishes as well, from pasta dinners to American ones. Because these lightsaber chopsticks are lightweight, portable, easy to wash and use, and affordable, don’t shy away from adding these to your kitchen cabinet as one of the most fun additions to mealtime with family and friends.


If lightsaber chopsticks aren’t your calling, check out other novelty chopsticks designs that are sure to also bring a smile to the dinner time. 


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