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Why Cooking Chopsticks are Essential Cookware in the Kitchen

Introduction to Cooking Chopsticks

Cooking chopsticks are essential cookware in the kitchen for a number of reasons. From their use in restaurants around the world to the homes of amateur cooks and chefs, cooking chopsticks, also known as long chopsticks for cooking, play important roles in kitchens. Wooden cooking chopsticks have been crucial to the development of East Asian cuisines and will continue to be better cookware than major metal cookware like spatulas. In this article, we’ll go into depth what cooking chopsticks are, why they’re important and why long cooking chopsticks are essential for your kitchen. 

long wooden cooking chopsticks

What are Cooking Chopsticks? Why are they Important?

Cooking chopsticks are similar to the chopsticks from restaurants or regularly seen as eating utensils for various dishes like rice or noodles. But cooking chopsticks have one big differentiator - their length - which is why they’re also often called long cooking chopsticks. Cooking chopsticks can come in various sizes with some as long as 16.5 inches in length. Cooking chopsticks are also usually made of a wooden or bamboo material that’s great for extra friction when preparing a dish. The added length to cooking chopsticks allows it to be very flexible and versatile to preparing a multitude of entrees.

Long chopsticks for cooking are important because while they’re often overlooked by the consumer, they’ve played a heavy role in East Asian cuisine and restaurants around the world. While we don’t often get to see chefs in action at restaurants, cooking chopsticks are almost certain to play a major role in cooking your food. Cooking chopsticks are even prevalent at home with home cooks or amateur chefs. Cooking chopsticks are often neglected but are proven to be versatile.

Why Cooking Chopsticks are Essential for your Kitchen

long wooden chopsticks for cooking

  1. Avoid oil splattering with long chopsticks for cooking

    We all know the pain of oil splatters when cooking. Long cooking chopsticks help through the added length, keeping your hand away from miscellaneous splattering when cooking. Cooking sleeves or aprons are no longer needed if you have long cooking chopsticks in your kitchen to keep your hands and arms away from highly heated oils. Cooking chopsticks are the only kitchen utensil with this added length and have a non stick design. These points alone might convince you to try a pair of cooking chopsticks out.

  2. Plate your meals with precision using cooking chopsticks

    Impress guests or family members with a beautifully plated meal. Using long cooking chopsticks make the precision in plating even better. From picking up edamame to delicate pieces of fish, cooking chopsticks are a great tool to use when plating or presenting food. Instead of using tongs which are clunky and inaccurate, bamboo cooking chopsticks are a great alternative to organizing food and putting them together for meals. Cooking chopsticks are also easy to hold due to its wooden material and picking up food even more precisely. If you’re not too handy with using chopsticks just yet, we also have some tips on using training chopsticks.
  3. cook scrambled eggs with cooking chopsticks

  4. Mix and scramble eggs with ease.

    Eggs are a big part of breakfast, lunch and dinner! Instead of taking out the mixer, use long cooking chopsticks to beat and scramble eggs. Holding your cooking chopsticks apart and beating eggs in a bowl, like a mixer would, introduces more oxygen and air into the eggs, which lends itself to fluffy scrambled eggs. Long cooking chopsticks are great tools for scrambling eggs because of their shape and wooden design. Washing a mixer can be a headache especially for a simple egg dish. Bamboo or Japanese cooking chopsticks made of wood are easy to wash and reusable which make scrambling eggs an even simpler dish.

  5. Cooking chopsticks are easy to wash and reuse.

    Most cooking chopsticks are Japanese cooking chopsticks or bamboo cooking chopsticks which mean they’re very durable and reusable. Long chopsticks for cooking are easy to wash due to its simple and long shape. Without any crevices or nooks, these cooking chopsticks are very hygienic and don’t allow bacteria to grow. Many traditional cooking utensils can rust over time from its metal design but bamboo cooking chopsticks or Japanese cooking chopsticks made of wood can be reused over and over again which is also a great eco-friendly option to home chefs who want to be a bit more sustainable.
  6. stir fry long wooden cooking chopsticks

  7. Stir fry or deep fry with cooking chopsticks.

    Long cooking chopsticks are even easier to use in deep frying or stir frying than the traditional spatula. Cooking chopsticks are lightweight and effective in picking up vegetables or protein and flipping them for stir frys. Because long cooking chopsticks are usually bamboo chopsticks or wooden chopsticks, they do not conduct heat and are safe to hold when tossing protein or vegetables in the deep fryer. Long cooking chopsticks are perfect if you toss food or stir fry constantly. It will be the most versatile and practical cooking utensil to have in your kitchen.


Cooking chopsticks are essential cookware to have in your kitchen. Not only are they extremely versatile for tossing, frying, plating dishes and more, long cooking chopsticks avoid oil splatters and are easy to wash and reuse.

In conclusion, here are a few reasons as to why cooking chopsticks are a must-have cookware utensil for your kitchen:

  1. Avoid being splattered by oil with long cooking chopsticks
  2. Use long cooking chopsticks for plating
  3. Make dishes like scrambled eggs even easier by mixing and beating with long chopsticks
  4. Cooking chopsticks are reusable and easy to wash (and come at an affordable price!)
  5. Toss a stir fry or deep fry vegetables and protein with ease using wooden cooking chopsticks

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